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Pirate Theatre's Monthly Daily Show

@ Chief Theater

8-10 p.m. (approx.) First Friday of every month (directly after Artwalk), starting in July

Featuring a cast of 5-6 from Pirate Theatre's esteemed ranks.Featuring a cast of 5-6 from Pirate Theatre's esteemed ranks.

Program Highlights

• The Mothly Daily Show band will "warm up the crowd" for first 10-15 minutes.
• Host entrance and band/cast introductions.
• A few short fake newscasts based on the latest local Steamboat events.
• Interview special guest; someone from the community who's a player in some major area of local concern. Examples include city council members, prominent realtors or developers, marijuana reps, police, etc.
• Pre-written comedy skit on theme of the month.
• Guest sponsor interview.
• Additional material written/prepared by cast.
• Band plays for additional 30-45 minutes.


140-150 people at live performance held every First Friday at Chief Theater, directly after Downtown Artwalk.

Broadcast (at least) twice a week (Saturdays and Mondays) at 8 p.m. on TV18 (on Comcast cable packages), for a minimum of eight total broadcasts per month (will be broadcast at additional times depending on schedule). TV18 is on 20,000 television sets in Steamboat.

Audio version broadcast on Steamboat ESPN 98.9 on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. for (at least) four total broadcasts.

TV18 streams each broadcast simultaneously on its Web site (Steamboat Today (, same as newspaper, one of most popular sites in Steamboat).
Each episode archived and posted via YouTube at for instant, 24/7 viewing. receives more than 2,000 unique visitors per month, viewing more than 19,000 pages per month (and growing).

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