Chutes and Ladders Winner Joins City Council

Unsure how to replace outgoing Steamboat Springs City Council Member Movin Kominsky, who left the council to move into a bigger house, the remaining council members held a fierce competition of skill and cunning to determine its next member.

New City Councilperson Blarin Boast used her considerable mental skills to navigate the treacherous terrain and avoid any major slides.New City Councilperson Blarin Boast used her considerable mental skills to navigate the treacherous terrain and avoid any major slides.

"When we found out that we got to pick the new member, we were pretty confused," said Doozie Bellringer, council president. "We're used to those election thingys deciding who wins, but we had to come up with an alternative."

It was Councilperson Anton Luinucci who suggested that they hold a chess tournament to find Kominsky's replacement.

"It seems like all those chess masters are really smart," noted Luinucci. "And that's what we lack here more than anything: a smart person."

Unfortunately, no one on City Council knew how to play chess, so they decided to create a tournament based on games they could understand, typically those for ages four and up. The first round consisted of Connect Four, which narrowed the field from 16 to eight candidates.

"Pretty sneaky, sis," said Pop O'Matic, after being eliminated in that round by a devastating diagonal move by Candy Land.

The competition then moved to a heated battle of Mouse Trap, followed by an unnerving game of Operation. The finalists, Blarin Boast and Professor Plum, exhibited some very steady hands through those rounds.

However, in the final battle, Chutes and Ladders, it was Blarin Boast who proved to be the mental superior to Professor Plum. The final contest was played in the Conservatory, lighted by Candlestick.

"She showed some exceptional abilities to roll dice," noted Bellringer. "Just when it seemed like she was finished, Blarin would roll the exact number that she needed to avoid the big slides. That's the kind of skill we need on City Council. We're rolling the dice all of the time."

"I'm incredibly excited to be joining city council," added Boast. "It was a brutal tournament, but it looks like my career is going up, up, up the ladder."

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