Bush to Obama: "Told You the Job Sucks"

In an exclusive interview with Carrie Water of Fox News, former President George W. Bush revealed the details of a brief conversation he had recently with President Barack Obama.

"Basically, I just said 'told you so. The job sucks, don't it?'" said the 42nd U.S. President.

Former President George W. Bush candidly revealed the contents of his famous note to Obama, warning the new president that his new job blows.Former President George W. Bush candidly revealed the contents of his famous note to Obama, warning the new president that his new job blows.

Bush then revealed what he wrote in his famous note addressed to "43," which he left on the desk of the Oval Office for Obama.

"I just laid it all out there," he explained. "I said 'I hate to tell you this, but this job you just won sucks. It may seem cool right now, 'cus you just got the keys to the nukular weapons and now you know where the UFOs are, but you're gonna hate this job, and it's gonna happen faster than you'd ever imagine.'"

Bush said the he wanted to say something to both John McCain and Obama before the election, but was afraid that then either Joe Biden or Sarah Palin might have to be president. "Even I'm smart enough to know that those two would really screw things up," he noted.

But Bush said he wanted Obama to know the truth as soon as he could, something he wished Bill Clinton had done for him.

"Clinton of all people had to know how much it sucked. All the silly press questions, and a good chunk of people really, really hatin' you, and all the pressures ... I was pissed for years that he never told me none of that," said Bush.

The ex-President also warned Obama against the urge to run for re-election, even though he'd know for sure that being president totally sucks.

"I advised him to make sure the other possible candidates aren't complete loons, like Palin or that shrimpy Kississovich guy, and then get the hell out," he added. "You'll still get a library and the other cool perks after one term, and you can get back to traveling and fine dining and all the good stuff without nearly so much of the bad crap."

When Water asked how Obama replied to Bush's "I told you so," Bush said Obama laughed and said "you're right, 42, you're right. But what am I supposed to do now?"

"So I said, 'you're screwed! You can't give us President Biden, so grin and bear it, and I'll make you a tee time for three years from now.'"

"Did he accept the invitation," asked Water.

"He said he'd think about it," answered Bush. "But I know how it works, believe me. Even if you're not misguidedly trying to prove something to your old man, those little birdies on his shoulder will chirp away, telling him how it's about to turn the corner and get so much better. But that's bullshit. Second term sucks just as bad as the first."

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