Steamboat Springs

Alpine Gondola Taxi Open for Business

Written by Al Lottacable Friday, 15 December 2006

The taxi business in Steamboat Springs just became more competitive, as the Alpine Gondola Taxi opened for business over the weekend.


"I was inspired by the developments at Wildponies," said Alpine Gondola Taxi owner Sky Lookalikacrappa. "And I thought to myself, 'If they can get approved to run a gondola into a friggin' housing development, why can't I just take that a few steps further, and link the whole town by gondola?'"


Although laying the infrastructure of 147 miles of high-density steel cable and 342 five-story towers was an expensive process, Mr. Lookalikacrappa feels that all the effort was worthwhile. Steamboat residents and tourists alike can now jump in a gondola car at any of the 39 stops throughout the city and be transported through the air to their neighborhoods, favorite bars or, yes, even the ski resort, in a matter of minutes.


The project had received near-unanimous opposition from the community, but it passed through the planning process and was begrudgingly approved by City Council unanimously.


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GOP Convention Convenes in Routt County Forest

Written by Ty Webb Friday, 15 December 2006

The 2006 GOP Convention was welcomed heartily to its unusual location in the U.S. National Forest in North Routt County. An estimated 15,000 party faithful have arrived for the event, including several candidates for national office and a throng of well-heeled supporters.


A caravan of brand-new Hummers, Escalades, Mercedes and BMWs have been passing through Steamboat Springs on their way to the remote location 27 miles to the northeast. Banners proclaiming their arrival have been strung across Lincoln Ave., as their tourist dollars are expected to flood the town in the wake of their arrival.


"We couldn't be more excited about them coming to our forest," said U.S. Forest Service spokesperson, Major Doublestandard. "These people are at the highest levels of wealth and power in the world, and we just want them to feel...

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